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Highway of Tears

Since 1969 women have been going missing along Highway 16 in Vancouver.

This project aims to engage and raise awareness, but also to remember the lives of these women. The 724 kilometer highway runs through some of Canada’s most remote regions, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The isolated highway runs through kilometers of forest, small towns based around the logging industry, and a few reservations. Multiple bodies have been discovered dumped on the side of the road along this stretch of highway, and many women who have hitchhiked along it have never been seen again.

01 | Cient

    Grad Thesis

02 | Team

03 | Role

Topic Research

Experimental, abstract watercolour and reactive ink paintings

Motion Design

Editorial layout and design

Poem Featured in video: Your eye’s they curve around me by Helen Knott


Additional Outputs

Studies seeking to understand the pressing issue have stalled due to lack of funding.

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