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AI: Navigating Uncharted Creative Waters & Dispelling Imposter Syndrome

Black woman with curly purple and pink hued hair standing with leg hiked up with Macbook sitting on lap as she goes to type. Surrounding her is purple hued waves and illustrative blobs
Image generated with Midjourney Ai by Shakura Galloway
TLDR Shakura grapples with imposter syndrome in her personal creative pursuits. Embracing the unknown, she ventures into AI and plans to document her process and thoughts on various subjects related to her creative practice.

Like many creatives, I sometimes struggle with imposter syndrome. This feeling has often prevented me from pursuing personal projects and sharing my thoughts and ideas, due to the fear of my work being subpar or irrelevant. With the introduction to generative Ai my fears had enormously grown. But upon diving into Midjourney and getting familiar with a variety of other Ai outlets; its capabilities and contraints became very clear.

These are the two main things I learned:

  1. Anyone can use these programs to generate random things but creative thinkers and thought engineers are the ones who will produce work that can be referenced and applied to real world use cases with true purpose.

  2. These Ai tools are to help streamline workflows, it'll most times need a human to adjust, apply and rethink most of the outputs.

So, here I am, diving head first into the world of the unknown. At this moment, the unknown is AI.

A mentor of mine from One Method once said something along the lines of "Know your sh*t" Even if those weren't his exact words, that was definitely my interpretation. I feel like I've put in my 10,000 hours, but with the creative climate continuously changing, it's time to add about 20,000 more.

Moving forward, these entries will record my process and my thoughts on different subjects in relation to my creative practice. Which will be proof of my madness and articulate, on my terms, how I do what I do.

I believe that creating great work is like producing a chart-topping, number-one hit. The artist doesn’t just walk into the studio and, boom, that’s it.

It's like a band jamming out, experimenting, and rehearsing different renditions. Or a producer trying different beats to lay on a track. With the fear of AI taking creative jobs, from what I've learned so far, that might not be the case...

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