MTV's Wild 'N Out Live Interactive Special

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  • Design Translation of games from broadcast to interactive

  • Interactive Element Design

  • Show Motion Design

  • Coordinate with assistant motion designers

Wild 'N Out makes its anticipated comeback via a first of its kind Live Interactive Special. Viewers get to be apart of the show and determine how things play out.

Using the pre-established design and motion, the goal was to create assets appropriate for an engaging livestream experience.

Shakura Galloway  Lead Interactive Motion Design

Brandon B.  Assistant Motion Designer

Omar S.  Assistant Motion & Design

Susie Yu Front End Developer (demos)


Interactive and Engagement with audience, voting, polling, commerce

and comments supported by design


Dynamic Graphic design package reflective of Wild ’N Outs design direction


Making a 10+year broadcast format of a show into a live engaging interactive format


Managing freelancers while

also creating deliverables 



Creating new interactive design elements aligned with show concept while still aligning with livestream platform and 

business goals

Open lines of communication with creative director of production, introducing frame io. for consolidated feedback, connecting vs slack msg,  

Demo Explorations || Concepts || Finals

Proof of Concept

From Broadcast to Live and Interactive

I was first introduced to Wild 'N Out during its inception back in 2005. At the time I didn't really understand what I was watching as I was in grade school. 


Fast forward to my teenage years I grew to love Wild 'N Out for its comical segments and colourful cast. 

Having this connection with the show made me super eager to share what I knew and loved about Wild 'N Out and how we could leverage our livestream platform in a way that aligns with the creative production goals.

   It being our first time working with MTV it was our opportunity to share with them the possibilities of producing live interactive shows with us. 

Over the span of a few weeks, proof of concept was shared with the client during three different demos. Where I had to work with various members of the production.

Tech Producers : Testing out workflows for potential equipment we'd have to utilize during livestream ( Tricaster/Stream deck )

Developers: Providing wireframes and designs to be tested before implemented into show and Stage TEN product.


In tandem, with creating the show assets; utilizing the shows previous seasons broadcast graphics, I had the responsibility of coming up with new ways for voting to be visually presented on screen for viewers. 

This was a great exercise to see how far we could push the boundaries as to what we can get developed with a compressed timeline. 

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Introduced new style of 'versus' polling results used during the show and now implemented in the product 

Overall polling style changed to align with show, now utilized within product as a customizable element 

Successful client buy in with limited concerns on proof of concept


Being a huge fan of the broadcast version of the show it was definitely a full circle moment to have the opportunity to see how the client and all their moving parts functioned and how creative is developed.

Team work makes the dream work

Having to work and coordinate with so many different members on both the S10 and MTV side proved a daunting task but overall I am super proud with how things worked out. 

- Pivoting is super crucial when working on this size of project with the amount of stakeholders needed for buy in

- Utilizing products like helps consolidate feedback and proved to be the ultimate lifesaver

in the end

- Creating detailed emails for Freelancers that they can look back on for reference is time consuming at first but worth it in the end for both parties