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The Trick to being Happy and Productive at Work

Image generated with Midjourney Ai and edited in PS by Shakura Galloway

This post was originally written April 2018

We often fail to realize how much power the people around us have on our emotions. It can become difficult to be productive at work when others around us are focused on all the negatives.

I tend to be a very sensitive individual, and so it is very easy for other peoples emotions to dictate my own; whether it be positive or negative. I started to become really aware of this and began to take the necessary steps I needed to stop that from happening.

Although I don’t intentionally try to listen to all the conversations around me, sometimes it’s really hard to tune everyone out. I work in a very supportive, positive environment but we are all human and sometimes we get pulled into a dark negative hole.

When this happens my productivity immediately drops and I am consumed not only by other peoples negative energy but then my own. I start to think of all the things that are stressing me out and begin to see every glass half empty. “Sometimes you have to just stay in your own bubble…”

bubbles floating
Image generated with Midjourney Ai and edited in PS by Shakura Galloway

I am nowhere near being the happiest person on the block, but I try very hard to keep a positive state of mind. At work, it often becomes hard to navigate through everyones work and personal dilemmas. I use to want to try and help everyone, all the time, even when I had my own situations to deal with. This started to become very hard for me, and I realized I needed to take a step back.

I attended a Kehlani concert, and during a break between one of her sets, she spoke about how she deals with handling other people's emotions, and energy. As a touring artist, who has many fans, she is seen as an outlet for people to share their deepest struggles. This eventually becomes overwhelming having hundreds of people, each night want to share these really personal, deep things with you, not to mention the millions of people on social media commenting and dm’ing her.

She goes on to speak about bubbles and how we need to understand that it is okay to just stay in our own. As much as we would like to support everyone, we don’t always have the energy to, and we shouldn’t feel bad about it.

It’s recently been brought to my attention by my co-workers that I have become really self aware and eager to influence the people around me to be more positive. Their appreciation really started to make me more conscious of this and so I try to make an even bigger effort to support my team.

I didn’t realize it until I read Spending Just 5 Minutes a Day Being Mindful Changes How You React to Everything by Thomas Oppong, that I was actually practicing mindfulness.

This is what I do to stay positive and productive:

  1. Give myself a pep talk

I take the time, as I get ready for work to just tell myself nothing is going to get in my way of achieving the days goals.

2. Evaluate my mood On the days that I am feeling off, I try to keep my negative energy to myself but when I cannot, I try to work away from others as to not spread it.

3. Openly address how peoples energy is effecting me I am super lucky to have such an understanding team. I often immediately speak up when I feel like an unproductive rant is coming on. I try to make others aware of the things they are saying and how it is effecting me in particular. They often don’t even realize that they are spiralling into a dark hole, and appreciate that I said something. I also welcome others calling me out.

I’ve become more productive at work once I started to really choose the types of conversations and activities I put my energy into. I try to keep my mornings light by not focusing on any situations that I know would upset me in anyway. By the afternoon, I tend to be more in control of my emotions and can better assess anything that is brought up that might cause my mood to plummet.

Keeping your emotions in check will definitely help how productive you are. If you work on this for yourself, it will also benefit the people around you because they will vibe off your energy.


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